Digital Nomads Retreats

Welcome to our safe space!

Co-living Sojuela offers cosy rooms for people who are looking for beauty and simplicity. If you are willing to enjoy the community spirit, while also having the space to discover your own peace and comfort, you are very welcome. 

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul by coming to our place, where you can focus on your digital work along with the freedom to explore, enjoy and be one with nature.

Explore our capital: Logroño!

Would you like to try our traditional food, to taste our magnificent wine or just exploring the old town of the capital? If it is so, do not hesitate on having a trip to Logroño!

The size of the city invites you to stroll around and enjoy its significant enclaves. The Paseo de El Espolón, the co-cathedral of Santa María de La Redonda; the convent of La Merced, current seat of the regional Parliament; the characteristic Portales street, the church of Santiago El Real, or the church of Santa María de Palacio, are some examples of interest that cannot be missed.

Discover the nature of Sojuela!

Sojuela is a small village in the north of La Rioja, nevertheless, you can find several hiking routes that go all around the mountains that embrace this peaceful place. 

If you would like to investigate the way ice was obtained in the old times, you should try the hike to Las neveras, a place where ice was made for the people that lived in Logroño. 

Furthermore, did you know that we have over the 50% of butterflies species that you can find in Spain? This is an unique experience that you can only find here!

The prettiest villages of Spain are around us!

If Logroño and Sojuela are not enough for you, do not worry, you can go further more and try exploring our whole region! 

The region of wine, incredible landscapes, warm people, mysterious history... all of this is something worthy to explore! 
And the best way of doing this is to visit our villages! 

As an example, Briones is just 30 minutes away by car and it is cataloged as one of the most beautiful places in Spain! 

What's included

  • Accommodation throughout the entire month
  • Daily workshops on personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship, and communication
  • Networking and collaboration sessions
  • Guided excursions to scenic destinations such as the neveras, Logroño, Briones, Laguardia, and Sierra Cebollera
  • Visits to cultural sites 
  • Coffee breaks during workshop sessions
  • Reflection and feedback sessions during the final week
  • Closing ceremony
  • All transportation for included activities


Embark on a month-long digital nomad retreat from May 7th to June 7th for only 1000 euros. Join us for workshops on personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship, and communication, along with networking sessions, while exploring picturesque locales like the neveras, Logroño, Briones, Laguardia, and Sierra Cebollera. Conclude with reflection sessions and a closing ceremony. Don't miss this transformative journey!


Full board

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included! Some traditional meals will be on the table!

Free wifi!

Easy to get and easy to connect. We have free internet connection for every room

Full privacy

All our rooms are individual with a private bathroom. The safe space for anything you need is here!


We will pick you up from Logroño the time you arrive and we will take you back when it is time to say goodbye!


Be part of our co-living, you will see how we work and how we manage things around here!

Adventure info

We will provide any information you need for your hiking routes or trips outside Sojuela.


Have you done gardening? You can have a visit to our bio-intensive orchard with one of our facilitators!

3D Printing

Have you ever tried 3d printing before? We can teach you and you are free to print 1 of your desings!

Spanish lessons

Even if it is only one month, there is always time to learn a little bit of spanish!


We live in a peaceful village where everyone knows everyone! No need to worry about anything!


We have several buses that go and come back from Logroño, only 30 minutes by bus and you are there!

Join us!

Environmental Policy

We have a firm commitment to protecting our environment.

To minimise our impact we will (as far as is humanly possible):

  • Use locally grown, organic produce
  • Avoid all single-use plastic and packaging
  • Use environmentally friendly products
  • Recycle/reuse non-food waste
  • Compost food waste
  • Offset our and our guests' carbon footprint by planting fruit trees on our land or donating to tree-planting charities
  • We are using solar panels to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Donate a percentage of profits to environmental charities
  • Evening & weekend sharing through "each-one-teach-one" sessions curated by individuals of the cohort