About Manfred On Tour

Manfred On Tour has just been created in the very beginnings of 2018 thanks to the energy and ambition of a group of Young students-entrepreneurs. 

Based in Sojuela, (Spain), Manfred On Tour is a pioneer social and youth organisation which aims to empower the youth through the development of European programmes of exchange and partnership to encourage fruitful and reliable co-working to improve the opportunities of the youngsters in the academic, market and political sectors.

We have experience in the field of cultural associations and non-formal learning activities, unique experiences with the Erasmus+ (Youth Exchange and Training Courses) programmes and its key actions (KA1, KA3) with issues related to youth empowerment, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development and civic political engagement. We try to increase cultural exchanges in North of Spain to change a rooted mentality in young people and build a mix of different cultures.

Pequeños cambios con gran diferencia

We are involved in many youth initiatives trying to foster a culture of social entrepreneurship. Asociación Juvenil Manfred on Tour has a valuable network of young social entrepreneurs and social start-up leaders in Spain and around Europe and intends to harness this network to bring in both experience and knowledge to ensure quality output and process. 

We can provide our know-how and supervision at all levels where our involvement is needed: proposal writing, implementation of activities, follow-up and reporting. The organization's staff is made up of skilled project managers and youth workers who over the years led and supervised different projects and gained much experience both from successes and failures. The organization also prouds itself of the top-tier non-formal learning methodologies it applies in youth work rendering your projects both attractive and fulfilling for young people. In the past years, the organization has demonstrated strong potential to provide quality youth projects that better respond to the needs of individuals, within and outside Europe.


Manfred On Tour


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