Joining one of our events might be a step out of your comfort zone...

Youth Opportunities are endless, would you like to make an experience abroad? 

Our Approach

Our 4 guiding principles form the foundation of our approach: 

Challenge Based Learning

Challenge based learning is a collaborative learning method based on team work in which participants learn how to propose solutions to real problems and take action. This experience helps participants to reflect on their learning and to put forward possible alternatives.

European Citizenship

The promotion of values of democracy and European citizenship amongst the youngest will serve participants to identify themselves with being part of an emerging European community whose actions contribute to build up new values and practices.  

Non-formal Education

We are strong believers in non-formal education since it has proved to be a positive way to reach out to a higher level of self-development and learning while offering fun, interactive and memorable educational facilities.

Cultural Exchange

Being immersed in an international environment, where diversity is expressed in the variety of nationalities, social backgrounds and beliefs, can be fundamental for future participants. Such experience might unleash one's uncommon environment and boost resilience in the face of obstacles and challenges.

Who we are

We are a Spanish non-profit organisation run by a group of young entrepreneurs full of great ideas, enthusiasm and professionalism that will surprise you!