1. What about the place?

The rural house is located in Sojuela, a small village near Logroño. To make your journey as smooth as possible, here's how to reach our co-living space:

The best way to reach us is via Madrid-Barajas Airport.

Airport to Logroño: You can hop on a bus directly from the airport, which is a scenic four-hour ride.

Logroño Bus Station: Once you arrive at Logroño bus station, our team will be there to pick you up in a comfy car.

You can easily book your journey from Madrid to Logroño via ALSA. We recommend allowing some extra time between your flight's arrival and your bus departure in case of any delays.

We can't wait to welcome you to our lovely co-living space in Sojuela!

If you have any questions or need assistance with your travel plans, feel free to reach out.

2. What´s included?

This is your space! And It's all about you!

We want you to feel at home, and we want to ensure a safe cozy space for you to shine and do your thing.

- No bills, no worries! We've got you covered.

- Don't worry about slow Wi-Fi! We offer blazing-fast 100 Mbps internet.

- You don't have to worry about space! You've got your own desk in your own room, and if you are feeling social, we've got a cool co-working space too!

- Boredom? Not here! We've got exciting community activities and workshops to keep you engaged.

- Forget about logistics! We've got your back with the smoothest itineraries, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

- And if you're a wine lover, you've hit the jackpot. We've got a welcome wine waiting just for you!

Let's make this place your home away from home.

3. What about food?

At our co-living space, we're all about the community spirit, and that includes sharing meals!

- Community Cooking: We love to cook and clean together. It's a fantastic way to bond and explore diverse international dishes.

- Local Delights: Don't miss the chance to savor authentic Spanish cuisine at the village bar, offering delicious wine and mouthwatering tapas.

- Meet the Abuelas: The village's grandmothers, or 'Abuelas,' are the heart and soul of our culinary experience. They'll ensure you're well-fed with love and local specialties.

4. How do I book it?

Securing your spot in our cozy co-living community is easy:

- Just fill out a straightforward application form, which you will easily find on the website.

- After accepting your application, we'll invite you for a brief introduction chat or video call to confirm your application, and maybe get to know you.

That's it!

5. How is it to live in Sojuela Coliving?

Our community's code of conduct is simple but crucial:

Treat it like your own!

- We invite you to consider this place as your home. Respecting the space and your fellow community members is the key to a smooth, community-driven, and inclusive experience.

We can't wait to welcome you and share memorable moments together in our cozy co-living space in Sojuela!

6. What kind of people join the experience?  

Our community is a vibrant mix of individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions.

You could be, but not limited to ; 

  • Entrepreneurs: Visionaries building their own ventures.
  • Freelancers: Independent professionals crafting their own path.
  • Creatives: Artists, designers, and innovators making waves.
  • Coaches: Guiding and empowering others to reach their full potential.

What unites us is our ability to work remotely, at least for a while. We're growth-oriented and value a mindful way of living. When you join Co-living Sojuela, you can expect to connect with people from all corners of the globe, with an average age of 35. Our community is a dynamic mix, with members ranging from 23 to 45 years old.

Together, we create an inspiring, supportive, and diverse environment for personal and professional growth. Come join us on this exciting journey!