Conclusions of “Breath for a second”


Our first hosted Training Course has aimed to combine better than ever all the elements we believe an Erasmus + project should have. Teambuilding, personal development, physical exercise, mental challenge and purpose. All these have been possible thanks to YOGA. 

30 youngsters, youth workers and volunteers have built a marvellous experience where the connection between them with the nature and within them has reach an outstanding level. Estonians, polish, czechs, portuguese, italians, romanians, albanians, macedonians, slovenians and spanish participants have had the chance to learn from zero to guide a yoga session independently. How to breathe, how to focus and keep the attention and the intention appear as the main lessons to take away.

Enriched by the diverse profiles involved, all of us will keep insightful knowledges, life advice, and memories that will require some time to digest. The intensity of the e-motions, the nature of the journey and the special place of Laguna de Cameros will be long lasting. 

In the documents attached to this site, the visitor may find more information about this training course and guidelines for beginners on how to introduce YOGA into non formal education environments.