Conclusions of ''Grow and Glow''


After a year after the last entrepreneurship project, we are back with another one, but this time in a totally different place from the previous one and with other points of view. We know that youth entrepreneurship is a topic to be taken into account very lately, due to the difficulties that appear day by day, young people face a difficult reality that contrasts with the idea of future they have.

In this course we will also teach the young participants how to live in a more sustainable, ethical and efficient way. There were 4 participants from each country (Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia) who came from their homes to our beloved village to participate in this innovative project.

It was not only entrepreneurship that our participants learned, apart from this topic, they also did different personal development exercises along with daily yoga classes. However, the highlight was the creation of an entrepreneurship project from scratch, highlighting that everyone was provided with the different tools to develop such a project. From the beginning to the final presentation, the participants worked exceptionally hard to create a unique product.

Finally, these projects were presented to the townspeople and different authorities who attended the event, which was a resounding success, all thanks to the non-formal education used to teach these projects.