Conclusions of "Picture your potential"


From the 21st to the 28th of September, twenty-four young people from Spain, Albania, Romania, Italy and Czechia gathered for the second Erasmus + Training Course in our new house in Sojuela, La Rioja.

The project focused on personal and creative development through photography. We had very different participant profiles, from experienced photographers to people new to the topic.

We had technical and theoretical sessions to introduce these new photographers to the use of the camera. Additionally, we had reflections, history sessions, and individual and group practical sessions to test the participants' skills and boost the development of both new and experienced photographers.

The course used the tool of reframing through diverse activities to embrace alternative processes and tools that can be useful to break out of a creative block or get different results.

Furthermore, the course focused on the photo series as a tool to group artwork and create projects from individual pieces. Using this tool, the participants had the opportunity to create a little fanzine or photobook individually with the pictures they took during the course, and in addition, they worked together in the creation of a photo exhibition with a picture from each participant that was showcased in the Old Fridge Museum of Sojuela.