T.C. Breathe for a second


´´Breathe for a second´´, Laguna de Cameros 20th-28th september 2022.

Our first Training Course aims to focus on one topic we have always brought about in our events but yet, we could not focus as much as we may wanted. This project aims to bring yoga and mindfulness closer to the youth, especally those who are not familiarized with it and therefore in most need. We aim to to connect with our inner part, with the surrounding and with the nature in the most peaceful manner to build from this week a life changing bond. 

Counting with representatives from Italy, Slovenia, Portugal, Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland and Spain 30 youth workers and youngsters will gather at the beginning of autum to work under the Erasmus + philosophy. The project will touch upon the topics of yoga, mindfulness, intercultural learning, relaxation and personal development to ensure a meaningful and useful experience. We will combine loads of practice with small bites of theory. Some masterclasses with a good amount of non formal methods. Programmed tasks with moments where YOU will be the one leading the show.

For any question, doubt or show of interest please contact us to our mail staff@manfredontour.es