T.C Grow and Glow


"Grow and Glow", Sojuela, La Rioja, Spain 5th-12th september 2023.

Our second Training Course aims to enable a group of young workers from different countries and cultures to acquire new skills on the benefits of practicing entrepreneurship, public communication and personal development while having tools to use this potential in the interest of young people.

Counting with representatives from Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Slovenia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, and Spain 24 youth workers and youngsters will gather at the end of summer to work under the Erasmus + philosophy. The project will touch upon the topics of self-discovery, mindfulness, social entrepreneurship, oratory and personal development to ensure a meaningful and useful experience. We will combine loads of practice with small bites of theory. Some masterclasses with a good amount of non-formal methods. All the activities are programmed so YOU will be the one leading the show.  

If you are a dinamic and curious youth worker, volunteer or youngster between 18 and 35 years old engaged with the topic and with and independent english level from any of this countries ( Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Belgium, Czech Republic or Spain). Dont doubt in filling out the following form before the 20th of July.

For any question, doubt or show of interest please contact us to our mail staff@manfredontour.es