T.C The timeless games


''The timeless games'', Sojuela, La Rioja, Spain, 1-8 August 2024

Welcome to our 4th training course ''The timeless games''. We aim to unite young workers from diverse countries and cultures to exchange knowledge, activities, and experiences centered around traditional games and leadership. This project aims to equip participants with the skills to utilize these games for fostering leadership and community engagement among young people.

Participants from Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, and Spain - 18 youth workers in total - will gather in early August in Sojuela, La Rioja, Spain, to embrace the Erasmus+ spirit. This training course is designed to rediscover the importance of traditional games and their significant role in leadership development. Through a combination of experimentation and hands-on activities, participants will explore the cultural and educational potential of these games. 

The primary objetive is to understund the correlation between traditional games and leadership. Moreover, we want to develop a project that highlights the insights gained during the week, both individually and collectively, culminating in a presentation of selected traditional games and leadership activities. 

If you are an energetic and inquisitive youth worker, volunteer, or young individual between 18 and 35 yeards old, passionate about traditional games and leadership, and have an independent level of english, we encourage you to apply. This opportunity is open to individuals from Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, and Spain. 

Please complete the application form before the 1st of July to secure your spot.

For any question, doubt or show of interest please contact us to our mail staff@manfredontour.es